Pesky Hobbit Craft Gin


This is proper gin, distilled the proper way. We’re extremely proud to be working with one of the pioneers of the South
African craft-gin industry. Simon Von der Witt is an award-winning small batch master distiller with a commitment to what
we like to call ‘the purity of process’. Using state of the art copper multi-column stills PH CRAFT GIN is one of a small handful
of local gins that are produced using the most traditional of methods

We’re a couple of individuals with a love for fine spirits and good times. Longtime friends and recent business partners with
big but patient ambitions. Pesky Hobbit Craft Gin was born during a difficult period for both us and South Africa as a whole.
A time when we longed for togetherness as a nation and the spirit of Ubuntu was needed more than ever.

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A celebration of 15 locally sourced botanicals each contributing to an unrivaled and memorable taste. The flavour profile presents strong evidence of rose geranium, passion fruit and zesty citrus particular lemon and orange. The herbaceous contributions come from a delicate amount of wild rosemary, buchu and cinnamon sticks.

Pure excitement – A strong scent of rose geranium, fresh orange citrus and a generous amount of juniper.

Pure joy – A burst of fresh zesty citrus and passion fruit combined with clear evidence of super herbs; wild rosemary
and buchu.

Pure satisfaction – A long juniper finish with a subtle sweetness from the rose geranium and hints of fynbos.