Women’s Month & Wine

A woman is like wine. She just gets better with time


Reflecting on the timeless phrase “diamonds are girl’s best friend”, the history of the phrase was first made known by a Carrol Channing musical in the late 1940s. The Gentlemen Prefer Blonds broadway musical was very successful, it was brought back to life in 1995 too, but the most famous version is Marilyn Monroe starring in the film genre in 1953. Numerous women associate diamonds as the symbol of matrimony, including highly sought-after engagement rings.  Today women celebrate new phrases to evoke time-appropriate sentiments.

Wine o clock

Wine is connected to relaxation and “me time” and the perfect bottle of wine always manages to blend into every occasion no matter time or day. Perhaps a luxurious bath accompanied by a bottle of Chenin blanc, Bubbly with the girls or cuddling up to a warm log fire with a glass a fancy red.  There are so many reasons as to why countless amounts of women enjoy the consumption of wine, from socializing to pamper time and not to mention the health benefits that red wine drinking have splashed over the media recently. So, moving on swiftly ….

Let the fun Be GIN

Not too long ago did the simple Gin and Tonic ( also referred to as a G&T) caught the ear of many a bartender in the English pubs but the English rooted for this alcoholic spirit proudly. Arguably first recorded in 70 A.D, with the key ingredient of juniper berries.  Later in the 16th century, it was then given the term “genever” by Dutchmen who produced the spirit using mainly juniper berries to disguise the sharp use of alcohol, and by the 17th century, it was coined the name we now know so well.

Recently gin became trendy and a becoming “go-to” drink, serving a variety of flavours that are offered with latest and greatest distilleries.  From wine estate to distillers – to “make it yourself” garage distilleries, sparking a revival of the spirit.

The booming gin market is on a roll in most countries across the globe but especially in Germany and British markets, and seems it won’t stop anytime soon.  As prediction states a further surge will increase by 2023. The first gin elevation of sales doubled from 2012 and lasted till 2017, with a 48% increase of the sales of the spirit gin.

Local South African craft gin named ‘NAAKTE NAARTJIE’ is produced o naartjie skin oil and rose petals, and DORINGROSIE’ a pink gin, with aromas of rose petals are hand-picked and fused with rose water. 16 botanicals are used to create these gins consisting of juniper berries, origins of liquorice, rose petals, and pomegranate and orange peels.

Both gins are proudly produced by the Grundheim Wines farm. The Grundheim farm is on the outskirts of Oudtshoorn at Sandkoppies vineyards, making use of a 100-year-old historic wine cellar, producing and bottles the products with personal care.   Be sure to try it out as it can be delivered to your door all across South Africa!

A locally made South African-based company, Wine at Home has an in-store shop named Oak Barrel, and here is where the products are shipped from, serving to all South Africans across the country with their online wines and gins deliveries. The wine is produced locally at the vineyards, but serves to the customer’s need of convenience, quality products and services. Also, the wines, gins and craft beer are easily documented on the website and since it is online, you can easily browse to view different components of the bottle of wine you are purchasing, such as seeing the history of the wine, the place of vineyard, bottle’s price and who produced it.

Advantages of ordering wine online are countless, but the most apparent advantage is for your convenience. When ordering a bottle(s) of wine from their website, the standard time waiting for delivery is within seven days, right at your front door, how great is that!