Spring into a Mixed Case or Two

“I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I do like a glass or two at night.”-Diane Keaton, the American actress is known for her effortless and chic style since the 1960s. Keaton boasts an Academy award and is a wine lover at heart. Never judge anyone on how they drink their wine, sparkling, red or white.”

Spring is quoted to be the most lovable season of the four seasons in the year, allowing people to feel grateful that the winter is over while milder weathers approach. New beginnings are connected with the spring season, bringing in blossoming fresh flowers, fruits and foods.

The new season of spring allows for many opportunities and just the simple act of being outside more. Included in the advantages of welcoming spring means you can start doing more activities outside if you’d like. Now with the change of season, it is also time to change your wine palette and fresh wine varieties. Wine at Home offers great wines to produce lightness and simplicity of the spring season, with the following wines below.

Spring into Hermanuspietersfontein mixed case

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Wine at home has a bottle for every planned occasion this spring, including two mixed cases offerings for customers. The first mixed case is the ‘Hermanuspietersfontein’, and what you will find in this box includes six bottles of wines. The first two bottles are red merlots named ‘Posmeester’, with an aroma of fruits such as raspberries and blueberries, exhibiting undertones of milk chocolate. The following two bottles in the first mixed case is a sauvignon blanc called ‘Kaalvoetmeisie’ offering tastes of fynbos spice and fruits of green granny smith apples in the bottle appearance of clear and green colour. The final of the first mixed case are two bottles of the ‘Bloos Rose’ dry rosé incorporating fresh fruity flavours appearing in a salmon pink colour. All of these six mentioned bottles of wines are available for the price of R615.

Spring into Jakkalsvlei mixed case

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Moscato is known for sweet peach palettes and orange blossom fine bubbles. The wine originates from the Italian word of ‘Muscat Blanc’ serving as one of the oldest wines in the world! The second mixed case ‘Jakkalsvlei’ encompasses a total of six bottles of Jakkalsvlei Moscato wines. The first two bottles in the mixed case that can be found is the ‘Pink Moscato’ showing in a pink pomegranate colour, tasting with natural sweet fruity flavours and a touch of exotic spice. The following two crisp lime colour bottles include the ‘White Moscato’ which release flavours of litchi and peach adding a tingly taste of the citrus. The final two red bottles of ‘Red Moscato’ provide a variety of refreshing sweetness pomegranate flavours. This second mixed case is available for only R500!

Diane Keaton launched a successful wine brand but stands strong that all wine lovers should stick to what they love, saying something that is considered taboo “I drink red wine on ice to water it down” but argues “it’s not fancy but neither am I”.

Whether you enjoy wine fancy or not – we have a beverage to fit your taste. Red, white or rose Spring into a Mixed Case with your whole heart.

You can order your mixed cases immediately online and have them delivered to your doorstep! In simple, you can have your wine at home and drink it too with the help of Wine at Home

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