Arrrchtober’s latest Mixed Case

Wine at Home is a local South African brand offering a variety of wines and spirits. Wine at Home delivers nationwide in South Africa but also has The Oak Barrel Wine Shop located in the Garden Route, Cape Town. Delivering only the best of premium wines with a careful selection of vineyards and production methods.

A variety of lifestyle wines and the month of October offers the mixed wine case ‘Die Seerowers’. (In other words, lifestyle wines mean easy-going and easy drinking wines). Die Seerowers (directly translating to ‘The Pirates’) incorporates six different wines, also known as ‘Pirates’ from Cape Town. The wine names and aesthetic pays homage to the Afrikaans language and culture within South Africa.

Introducing Die Seerowers of the Cape Seas: First, we have Zak Skobbejak Cabernet Sauvignon, then Kaptein Karnuffel Cabernet Sauvignon, next is Ben Bullebak Merlot, followed by Rosa Rabbedoe Rose, including Jo Vabond Chenin Blanc and lastly Sarel Seemonster Sauvignon Blanc. Let us meet them in person below.

Zak Skobbejak Cabernet Sauvignon is greatly paired with venison meat dishes, springbok carpaccio, pastry dishes, and creamy pasta. The essential flavour of this cabernet sauvignon is a spicy undertone.

Kaptein Karnuffel Cabernet Sauvignon is always polished off, through still but deep waters a proudly South African wine. This wine endures no matter what the weather brings, a strong character.

Ben Bullebak Merlot enjoys a typical South African spare time activity, braai and a small salad accompanied with rugby. The red pairs well with proteins including lamb, beef and veal. Undertones of fruity flavours can also be tasted.

Rosa Rabbedoe Rosé especially enjoys an accompanied of sushi and fresh summer salads. The rosé is produced of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Grapes.

Jo Vabond Chenin Blanc is well paired with lobster, abalone, pastas and grilled fish over some fire. This white wine compliments spicy food, lean fish, mild and soft cheese and shellfish.

Sarel Seemonster Sauvignon Blanc is mostly enjoyed with fish meals including shellfish, chicken and vegetarian dishes. A great pairing for a goats cheese platter too.

Enjoy the excitement of the October crashing seas with the Seerowers from Wine at Home. Whichever pirates you choose to enjoy, we can only suggest you enjoy it at the comfort of your own home. Wine at Home delivers nationwide with a quick service delivery, but if you feel to pop in to The Oak Barrel Wine Shop you’re most welcome.  Free Delivery for orders exceeding R1 500 – we are ready to ship!