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  • Old N1 Distillery African Dry

  • Bloedlemoen Hand Crafted Gin

  • D’Aria Renosterbos Gin

  • Ginifer Small Batch Gin

  • Ginifer Barrel Aged Chilli Infused Gin

  • Black Mountain Karoo Flora Gin

    Black Mountain Karoo Flora Gin

    This is a story of an unforgiving, yet rich and fertile land.  A noble product of the Karoo capturing the essence of the land and reflecting the character of the unique people that inhabit it.  Made a wine base specifically created for the production of the finest grape spirit, it is triple distilled and forged by wood fire in a traditional Cape Pot Still.  After endless distilling and using the finest Karoo botanicals, we bring you Black Mountain Karoo Flora Gin.  A classic dry style gin with a smooth finish and subtle aromas of liquorice, citrus, rose petals and fynbos.  Enjoy this gin neat or with a premium tonic with lemon zest.

    Tasting Notes

    The floral gin is crafted with thirteen botanicals including juniper berries, citrus zest, wild anise flowers, elder flowers, sweet thorn flowers and rose petals.

  • Black Mountain Karoo Dry Gin

    Black Mountain Karoo Dry Gin


    Staying true to tradition this is a classic dry style gin. With juniper as a fundamental botanical supported by citrus and our Karoo botanicals. Triple distilled in a traditional old Cape Pot Still forged by fire the same way we have been doing since 1858. Our base for our spirit is a wine sourced from the Karoo and prepared specifically for the distilling of the finest grape base spirit. After distilling our wine base twice we have a smooth spirits base ready to be steeped with our botanicals then tripled distilled.


    NOSE This is a gin that keeps on giving. The bouquet has a turkish delight perfume with citrus, wild lavender and juniper.

    PALATE With a soft entry this is an exceptionally smooth gin.  Rich mouth feel led by juniper, warm spice and grape fruit.

    FINISH A lingering after taste with prominent liquorice and aniseed flavours.

  • Inception G&T Mix | Case 24x330ml

    Inception G&T Mix | Case 24x330ml

    A refreshing ready to drink Gin and Tonic mix which contains 50mls of our Chenin Blanc wine distilled gin and is mixed with our regular tonic water.

  • Inception Cask Aged Gin

    Inception Cask Aged Gin

    Woodstock’s Grape distilled Inception gin is matured in American Oak barrels for a period of three to four months. During this time the stringency of the Grape distilled Inception gin is lowered and rich vanilla and marzipan flavours are now present in the gin. This provides for an extra premium gin, which can easily be  sipped on its own or paired with lime and red peppercorns and Woodstock’s natural tonic water

  • Inception High Tea Gin

    Inception High Tea Gin

    A refreshingly complex gin with similar flavours on the palate as the grape distilled Inception  gin, but with lingering undertones of rooibos and honeybush, which are added post distillation. Easy drinking on its own or with a block of ice and slice of lemon and a dash of light tonic or sparkling water. Unique South African flavours and refreshingly different from other gins.