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  • Kasteelberg Viognier

    Kasteelberg Viognier

    This oak-matured Viognier is a voluptuous wine with lovely nutty and light buttery flavours well balanced by a floral perfume on the nose. The style is rich and ripe and well-structured to result in an elegant wine, ideally suited to complement suave dinners. Made from hand selected berries, the wine was matured in first fill 500 liter French barrels for almost a year. This is a style of white wine that will age beautifully and is the perfect partner to pork, duck, curries and bowls of creamy risotto.


  • Karusa Stonerock Viognier

    Karusa Stonerock Viognier

    Green yellow hue with expressive honey blossom, yellow citrus and floral flavours and notes of lime and flint subtle secondary flavours of cinnamon and spice. A full bodied white wine with a fat terpene like mid palate, and crisp lasting length. During the soil preparation for this vineyard, a heap of huge stones and rocks were pushed together and the vineyard planted around it, hence the name “Stonerock”.


  • Alvi’s Drift Viognier

    Alvi’s Drift Viognier


    Lovely pale straw colour. The nose is typical of viognier, but in an elegant and restrained way. The aromas are dominated by apricots and white peaches. The wine is soft, ripe, and round with a lovely viscous texture. The flavours linger, giving the wine a very long flavour profile. The fruit is nuanced with a hint of cashew nuts, elegant and aromatic, this really is a red wine drinkers white. Good with spicy dishes and hard cheese.