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White Wine

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  • Sauvignon Blanc VS Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc VS Sauvignon Blanc

    1x Christina van Loveren Sauvig. Blanc
    > 1x Riebeek Cellars Sauvig. Blanc
    > 1x Slowine Sauvig. Blanc
    > 1x Cloof Summertime Sauvig. Blanc
    > 1x Imbuko Vintners Sauvig. Blanc
    > 1x Alvi’s Drift Signature Sauvig. Blanc


  • Slowine Chenin Blanc

    Slowine Chenin Blanc

    Upfront tropical fruit with an abundance of guava and gooseberries following. The palate follows with amazing fruit flavours, balanced by a crisp acidity to ensure a fresh and fruity wine.   6X750-crate

  • Slowine Sauvignon Blanc

    Slowine Sauvignon Blanc

    The wine shows fresh tropical fruit, guava, gooseberries and a hint of grassy, green undertones. All the flavours combined give the palate a fresh crisp fruity finish.


  • Kasteelberg Viognier

    Kasteelberg Viognier

    This oak-matured Viognier is a voluptuous wine with lovely nutty and light buttery flavours well balanced by a floral perfume on the nose. The style is rich and ripe and well-structured to result in an elegant wine, ideally suited to complement suave dinners. Made from hand selected berries, the wine was matured in first fill 500 liter French barrels for almost a year. This is a style of white wine that will age beautifully and is the perfect partner to pork, duck, curries and bowls of creamy risotto.


  • Karusa Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc

    Karusa Chenin Blanc Sauvignon Blanc

    The perfect companion to lazy sunny afternoons spend with friends and family and a tapas styled luncheon… Fresh green limey hue, abundance of ripe tropical fruit – white pear and green apple-litchi and green fig. Crisp, fresh accessible and easy drinkable with fruity length and balanced sugar : acid ratio


  • Karusa Litchi Bomb Muscat Blanc

    Karusa Litchi Bomb Muscat Blanc

    An aromatic litchi bomb! Crisp refreshing notes of fresh apple and white pear-fruit filled palate well balanced sweetness.


  • Karusa Aloe Ridge Chardonnay

    Karusa Aloe Ridge Chardonnay

    Elegant and crisp-notes of fresh lime and citrus with fresh white fruit and light leesy flavours. Subtle mouthfeel and balanced acidity.
    The abundance of Aloe Ferox with its bright orange plumes on the north sloping ridge on Karusa guards over this single vineyard Chardonnay, henc the name “Aloe Ridge”.


  • Karusa Southern Slope Sauvignon Blanc

    Karusa Southern Slope Sauvignon Blanc

    A clean cut wine with a limey minerality. Erupting green fig and cut grass notes topped with tropical fruit flavour integration. A soft palate with a flinty crisp and fresh white fruit palate. This single vineyard is planted on a direct South facing 11 degree slope at 550m altitude on Karusa, hence the name “Southern Slope”.


  • Karusa Stonerock Viognier

    Karusa Stonerock Viognier

    Green yellow hue with expressive honey blossom, yellow citrus and floral flavours and notes of lime and flint subtle secondary flavours of cinnamon and spice. A full bodied white wine with a fat terpene like mid palate, and crisp lasting length. During the soil preparation for this vineyard, a heap of huge stones and rocks were pushed together and the vineyard planted around it, hence the name “Stonerock”.


  • Van Loveren Blanc de Blanc 750ml

    Van Loveren Blanc de Blanc 750ml


    The fruity character of the Colombar, combined with the grassiness of Sauvignon Blanc creates a harmonious, delightfully quaffable wine with fruity nose and a dry palate.