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Red Wine

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  • Rijks Reserve Shiraz

    Rijks Reserve Shiraz

    Exceptional deep red color. Complex nose of white and black pepper spices with bramble and black fruit undertones. Vibrant acid level which carries through onto a multi-layered rich palate rounded off by smooth silky tannins. The integration of oak spice and tannin add depth and complexity. Superb fine dining wine.

  • Rijks Private Cellar Shiraz

    Rijks Private Cellar Shiraz

    The complex 2011 vintage shows a lively deep colour with aromas of plum, rose petals, black fruit and cinnamon sticks. Mature but soft tannin structure which gives a rounded yet complex palate. The fruit and character has integrated well with the oak that was used for ageing. An elegant vintage to remember.

  • Rijks Touch of Oak Shiraz

    Rijks Touch of Oak Shiraz

    This fruit driven Shiraz has a vibrant ruby red colour. On the nose there are aromas of rich blackcurrant and blackberry fruit with hints of black pepper. The medium palate has an elegant soft tannin structure with fine finesse. There is a gentle touch of oak on the nose and palate that compliments the wine.

  • Rijks Private Cellar Pinotage

    Rijks Private Cellar Pinotage

    Rich and intense deep red colour. Vibrant nose of red fruit, brambleberry, ripe cherry and cranberry.  These delicious fruity aromas carry through onto a rich, creamy palate with well balanced refined tannins on the finish. The well integrated oak lends subtle wood spices which complements the fruit.

  • Rijks Touch of Oak Pinotage

    Rijks Touch of Oak Pinotage

    Attractive and youngberry on the nose with hints of cedar and vanilla. The palate starts out racy, with a red fruited bright core and soft tannins, developing further complexity of ripe cherry and cranberry. Gentle presence of oak on nose and palate supports this delicious wine.

  • Rijks Reserve Pinotage

    Rijks Reserve Pinotage

    A deep purple red colour has intense red fruit aromas of cherry, strawberry and cranberry with underlying coconut and cinnamon spice on the nose. These exquisite aromas carry through onto a rich, creamy lingering palate. Silky well integrated and elegant tannins shows the perfect harmony and balance. Superb fine dining wine.

  • Music by D’Aria Shiraz/Cab/Merlot

    Music by D’Aria Shiraz/Cab/Merlot

    Music by D’Aria Shiraz/Cab/Merlot. This blend is designed to be an accessible, easy-drinking red for everyday enjoyment. The wine is characterized by juicy, red fruit and just a hint of gentle tannins and vanilla from the wood treatment.


  • D’Aria Cabernet/Merlot

    D’Aria Cabernet/Merlot

    D’Aria Cabernet/Merlot.  Complex blend featuring two of the classic Bordeaux varieties. The nose and palate are full of pure, rich, dark red fruit. A well-balanced, elegant wine that nevertheless has a firm structure, allowing for a few years further bottle maturation.



  • D’Aria SV Shiraz

    D’Aria SV Shiraz

    D’Aria SV Shiraz. This full-bodied, fruit-driven wine shows the distinctive coffee, milled pepper and violet characteristics of classic Shiraz, complemented by the gentle floral notes of Viognier.


  • D’Aria Merlot

    D’Aria Merlot

    D’Aria Merlot.  A medium-bodied wine designed to emphasize rich, plum fruit complemented by gentle tannins acquired through judicious wooding.